Thanks all for sharing your thoughts.

Peacetoday - Parenting arrangements are my biggest sticking point too. Fortunately I have the law on my side. My L said STBXH is full of hot air and pretty stupid to put these words in writing.

Gerda - Great advice, thank you, and I will heed it. For what it's worth, I think you are managing to hold your own very well against the onslaught from your crazy H.

DS - Thanks for the reminder about severing joint tenancy, I will definitely look into that. I have yet to make a will, so legal advice will be required. The 'without prejudice' concept is new to me too. In sum, I need some help. Haha.

May - Welcome to my thread! Thanks for offering your perspective and the hilarious visual. I might envision that next time he decides to kick off and start whining.

As far as this weekend, I've yet to hear acceptance of the proposed overnight visit. It's currently Friday afternoon. The lack of communication is very typical behaviour. It's deliberate. He returned S2 half an hour late on his birthday after texting me "Leaving the park now" at the time he was due back. Note the complete lack of information. Which park? How far away? What's the ETA?

Another example: After he told my L the consent orders were with his own legal counsel for review, she requested the details of his L so they could communicate directly. As of yesterday, he had yet to provide that information. She asked me if it was possible he was not telling the truth about having counsel. I just laughed and said yes.

Anyway, my plan for this weekend, if it comes to pass - a long leisurely dinner out, seeing a movie by myself, getting an uninterrupted night's sleep, binge watching TV all day, doing some chores, and talking to a lovely single dad I met online.


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