Hi Scout,

Happy birthday to S2! I'm so sorry about this recent email. You seem like you are totally clear and logical and everything you say makes 100% sense. (And honestly, his pretending he doesn't want to give you his address because you might stalk his house? Is pathetic and ridiculous. I am imagining this self-righteous, red faced, sweaty clown with a big clown nose and wig and makeup reading all of the email in a pompous, annoying voice. I don't know why that came to me but it did and I got a little kick out of it. I don't know if you will but just in case I thought I would share.)

I wanted to ask if you had any fun plans for this weekend sans S2. Hope you can find a way to do something just for you and fun that is hard to do with a toddler in tow. Even just sleeping in as long as you want.

Hang in there.

Me (45) H (41)
M:13 T:17, D8 & D10
4/19 BD #1 ILYB
8/19 BD #2 Long-distance EA
12/19 BD #3 Actually 2 year PA
2-5/20 R attempt #1
6-7/20 limbo again, back in contact with AP
8/20-present R attempt #2