That is the only thing I can think as I really, honestly, do not mess with her in any way. That also goes with pursuing as well, zilch, nothing, nada.

The only money I give her is what I owe her in CS each month. She gets nothing more or less outside of when I pick incidental things like shoes which I don't ask her to give me half. The only thing I do make her or enforce her splitting with me is the medical bills. There are times when I also will just send her half my share if I know she paid for something that technically should be shared.

She should have plenty of money live on, roughly 4k per month. My CS essentially covers the majority of her mortgage which I think leaves her to pay about $400 out of her pocket. She also has no car payment as she paid it off right after our D. That leaves monthly utilities, groceries, entertainment, and any other monthly bills she has like car insurance, etc. She also had no credit card debt either when we got D'd but I guess since then has maxed them out (whatever cards she has).

Budgeted properly she should have no issue.

Married 14, Together 17
M: 44, W: 43, D: 8, D: 6
M: 46, W: 45. D: 10. D: 8 (CUR)
Bomb Dropped: 5/28/2017
Separation Date: 6/17/2017
Divorce Filed: 2/7/2018
Divorce Final: 4/12/2018