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Ugh...going on **with you. Can we just edit back already for at least a minute.

Putting on my IT hat for just a minute Iím near positive the edit button is not ďbrokenĒ it is simply a parameter that has been toggled off. It would be extremely easy for someone with high enough permission on their login to turn it back on and set the time parameter. Problem is Iím just as sure no one comes around here or is even on the payroll anymore who can do it. Guess we are lucky this place is even still here. But I do agree with you and would even volunteer to do it for them if that would help. This is a common, though out-dated, BB that Iíve administered for other clients over the years.

As for the cruise, the first year was a much bigger deal to me. This year not near as much and then I also didnít put in very much effort. I kept my eyes open but there were never any real front runners. I waited until the first ďdeadlineĒ I was given to finally start asking. When that didnt work out I sort of stopped. I then thought at least the flight deadline had passed even though I later found out it had not. Then I thought whomever went could not fly with me - that also turned out not to be true. I then made a second round of attempts Several months later and like 2 month prior to sailing and got a bit stupid about it, which I now regret though no harm was done at all. In the end our flights never got booked until mid November and cabins were not assigned until mid December. So much for the nonsense of September 1 being the ďdeadline.Ē

Anyhow my point is, I didnít try very hard outside of two, couple week pushes a couple months apart. Now, if anything the amount of trying will even be less. Having the need to find someone to go actually encouraged my to look and try harder to date. Now with no need Iíll likely try even less. I might be better off if there was another cruise, though certainly it will be less stress this way without one. Iím not a Home Depot guy but as Doodler decided heíd rather fix his house up than go on a date, Iíd rather do whatever too, than go on a date. Iím just so sick of not being attracted to most or them being too nuts to pursue.

Although that said there are at least 3 casuals on my radar. One lives 2 hours away, another about 10 and one is actually in Canada. Need something closer - just not too close. Lol. Itís just so disappointing that someone Iíd totally put effort in for, like the lady thatís married (if she was not of course) versus those that I have to almost push myself to be interested. I really do have a pretty great life. If I was miserable or at least wanting someone enough Iíd do something about it. Evidently Iím not so I donít. In fact I told that to someone Sunday night.

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