You will not be done anytime soon. MLCer loves the drama. Stop communicating with him. Stop being reasonable; they don't speak reasonable. Get a lawyer for your child and let that person do all the communicating with your H. This money will be well spent, seriously. If your H ever comes out of MLC, negotiation will be possible; for now, all you can do is protect S2.

Remember, you are the custodial parent. You choose what is best for S2, not what is best for H. You don't have to explain yourself. Keep a daily record (devoid of emotion) of every single thing that H says and does and the effect on S2. You'll need it.

Learn from my mistakes. I didn't figure this out until now; I ignored all the warnings here. Now I am paying double in money, stress, time.... I believe in restoration and healing of the marriage, always. But while they are in MLC, there is no marriage to heal. S2 needs you to be clear and fearless. I didn't do right by my kids because I didn't understand that.

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