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This has me curious, what was your reason to not complete the divorce? As a LBS, I can say I very much see the decision not to complete the divorce as a sign the WAS is not actually committed to that decision.

This may be frustrating to hear--when I was a WAS, I didn't complete the divorce because it didn't matter. I had closure (I was 100% done when I filed) and an agreement about custody, child support, and alimony. There simply was no compelling reason for me to spend a weekend on paperwork.

It was lower on my priority list than digitally scanning the pile of fingerpainting from my son's pre-school year, or trimming the cherry blossom that occasionally scrapes my windows.

In a sense, it's true I wasn't committed to completing the divorce. At the same time, I ignored the letters my LBS sent me and actively dated with no intent to ever look back even as a backup plan.

That's why I said, "next time" I'd do it sooner, because I now see how much a LBS may read into it!

May'19 - Girlfriend of 2yrs left. Aug'19 - We became a "broken" couple (I needed validation, she screamed). Dec'19 - We gave up and went NC. Mar'20 - I've changed and she's eager for MC and us again.