I am sure that was a very hard conversation to have but, that said, you did nothing wrong. Her handling of it shows tremendous immaturity. As a woman, if I wanted another child and a guy told me he did not, I would thank him. The last thing I would want is to be in it alone.

Quite immature that she said you should compromise on having just one child if you loved her. Uhh, weíre not talking about having an extra dessert. One child = huge/lifelong commitment. Itís also really weird that she is trying to tell you that you owe her family and friends answers. No, you certainly do not. And itís wrong to guilt you.

Donít feel guilty. You did the right thing. Ditto KML, make sure you arenít put in a compromising position with her. It sounds like she is not a person who takes ďnoĒ well.

Lesson learned for future relationships: your mind is made up. Onwards and upwards.

Me 41, H 47, M 15 yrs, S11, S13
BD 1: 11/4/14 we work on it; really I pretzel myself
BD 2: 3/31/15 H goes down to "dorm room"
8/15: H back to MBR
10/15: H back in dorm room
1/18: H files, now divorced