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CW I'm so sorry for saying that to you. I regretted it but it was too late to take it back.

S'okay. I've spent hours of late thinking about being an ethical partner and I apologized to the nurse on Jan 15th. I've thought about which mistakes to own, and which ones to leave on them. wink

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Tonight hes at party at the big box store. He didnt get the tattoo hes so needy that hes doing everything his idiot friend tells him to do...

How's the start of your weekend going, kas? Got some good GAL activities lined up? I cancelled going on dates Sat/Sun morning and am going to walk local shores with my son to spot wildlife.

May'19 - Girlfriend of 2yrs left. Aug'19 - We became a "broken" couple (I needed validation, she screamed). Dec'19 - We gave up and went NC. Mar'20 - I've changed and she's eager for MC and us again.