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This is a great uplifting post. I havenít read your whole thread - Iím not sure I can right now because no doubt it documents the pain of the last 12 months

Fortunetly for me, there wasnt 12 months of pain. I posted a lot on my sitch when all this hit, but my mindset changed quickly - hence i having updated in 6 months. I think peoples mind sets differ - If you look at my comments to the Curtis thread, i want to shake this guy and say - no shout ... WAKE UP !!!

Reality hit the day my WAW accused me of making up a story about my grandads stroke, just to stop her seeing OM..

That was the end in my head. Decission was made, and out of principle i will never change that..

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Iím torn between wanting the magic bullet that you describe, and admitting that perhaps too many years of bad marriage have happened and itís time to be brave and move on. (I also think my WAH may have NPD (this is the opinion of my IC, and my family have picked up on several traits consistently over the years).).

My honest take on this is - they saying love makes you blind... And as a man, you want to provide, to keep the family together, to support - no matter what... I believe i was blinded.

If you do read back on my initial post, i am carefull about what i write. I dont paint the true picture of things - people often comment about how "thats how the WAW was feeling at that moment" - I think the same applies to the LBS - at the initial point of posting, i loved my WAW and saw everything through rose tinted / love tinted glasses.

Once i woke up ( i do reference it i think - but i have no intention of reading about my old sitch - i find it embarassing that i lost soo much self respect ) after the Grandad stroke comments, everything changed. I started to look back and reflect on the emotional blackmail, the threats, all the lies - a lot of stuff that was always there ( even from early dating days ) which i chose to ignore.

I look at this situation as a learning curve - We go to school to get educated - with the hope that it will help us make a better life ( career etc ) . This was just another few years at WAW school - good times and bad - but i learnt a lot, and i will use what ive learnt to improve myself, and ensure i dont fall into the same traps again.

Respect is key
And never get complaisant

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Drive safe!

Safe smile - and Sideways ;-)

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