This is a great uplifting post. I havenít read your whole thread - Iím not sure I can right now because no doubt it documents the pain of the last 12 months - and sometimes reading about other peopleís pain intensifies my own, even though the advice and information is so valuable, as is not feeling alone in what Iím experiencing So reading your post, and hearing how youíve come out the other side, is really uplifting for me right now and Iím so glad Iíve seen that this morning!

Iím torn between wanting the magic bullet that you describe, and admitting that perhaps too many years of bad marriage have happened and itís time to be brave and move on. (I also think my WAH may have NPD (this is the opinion of my IC, and my family have picked up on several traits consistently over the years).).

I hope your new car brings you lots of fun. Takes me back to the days of going to the WRC - which is what I did when I was ďmeĒ ! Drive safe!

M:49 H:49
T:20 M:18
D:16 D:14

EA: Feb 2019-Apr 2020
Separated: Mar-early Aug 2020
H asked to reconcile: Jun 2020