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I'm not doing well.

I'm so sorry to hear that. (((Hugs))) The cloudy/rainy week in most of the US likely doesn't help. I like that you report happy days too, now.. like you're nearer to the edge of the storm. You often find friends and help at work, so it must be terrible to feel under siege there as well.

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You say your ex wife wasn't a nice person so who knows maybe she has learned and is happy now. Who knows.

She was a depressed person, who wasn't seeking adequate treatment.

She seems happy! It's 9yrs later, but at hand-off more smiling and fewer sob stories. She took her first vacation in ~15yrs to see his family this Thanksgiving. She negotiated with me to get herself to 50% custody.

I'm satisfied my ex-girlfriend of 2.5yrs gave up (if she wouldn't fight, too) 7 months after BD. I put in a good stand considering the length of our relationship, am free to find my own happiness, and in love again!

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You go on to get into a 5 year relationship and you leave her too You post here that you didn't love her.

Yep. Never loved the woman I dated for 5yrs after my ex-wife. Admitted that point blank many times. That I could love again with my ex-girlfriend of 2.5yrs was a revelation. Apparently, I still can love.

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CW you planned to leave your wife for a year and didn't tell her. You announce your decision to divorce by having her served. Then you give her false hope by not finalizing the divorce for 3 years.

Two clarifications:

1. I didn't plan my exit for a year, I did plan that I would exit if she didn't make positive changes.

2. I didn't "give her" false hope. I stated clearly we were over. I now realize LBS often read a great deal into their WAS' decision not to complete a divorce, so in the same position I'd have completed it sooner.

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May'19 - Girlfriend of 2yrs left. Aug'19 - We became a "broken" couple (I needed validation, she screamed). Dec'19 - We gave up and went NC. Mar'20 - I've changed and she's eager for MC and us again.