Here's a happy update - I have a date!

I've been chatting with a tall, beefy, funny Irish lawyer and we are going out on Friday night. It's the first time I've felt excited and not sick about the idea. Now that I finally feel ready to date, I've also been feeling a bit deflated with thoughts of 'what man would want to get involved in this situation?' The fact that I have full-time care of a toddler would have to be challenging a) logistically and b) emotionally for someone considering a relationship with me. But I don't want to borrow trouble, so let's just see where this date takes us.

In divorce news, I'm seeing my L tomorrow to discuss the parenting plan vis--vis the escalating abuse from H. She hasn't contacted me to confirm H has signed the orders, so I'm assuming he hasn't yet.

H has not yet replied to my proffered compromise to his parenting plan modifications.

He did send an email to say he is going away with FIL this weekend and would not be available for his scheduled visitation, but said MIL would like to take S1 for that time instead. That's fine with me. At least I know she will change his nappy more than once!


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