I'm working diligently to fix my codependency issues. I have plenty of dreams it's just I get stuck thinking I can't do them alone. I think I can't do anything alone and that my life is over.

Okay fine he's gone and I can either wither up and die or evolve. Took D14 shopping for the dance. I started feeling sorry for myself I want to wear a nice dress and have my H tell me how great I look. I stopped and thought why do I need this?? I look great. I've lost weight, I got my hair done, I could buy a new dress, I could even go out on a date. I could pretend I just went to a party and wear the darn thing to the grocery store, turn a few heads, will this make me feel better about my life??


And there it is. Still believing my happiness is out there somewhere. Logically I get this but emotionally I do not.