The mood swings are the worst. Had a good Friday/Saturday and half a day on Sunday. I dropped D14 off after an afternoon of shopping today and he's gone......again. I get D14 every single evening and he hasn't been home for a week. That he's out having fun brings so much pain. He's not fun, he's never been fun and the thought that he is now (with HER) hurts so much. He's still working at the big box store (2nd job). Was there Friday night and all day yesterday. How can working 6 days a week be FUN? He's snapping at D14, take jabs at D17, boiling hot dogs for dinner and blowing S19 off on the whole car restoration project.

Please be kind I'm having a bad afternoon.

I have a lot of great things going for me and I wanted to post a good happy post but my thoughts are strangling me.