Karma will even things out eventually.
My ex looked like he had everything - the duplex at his favorite surf spot, the 19 years younger hot Asian wife (thank god she wasnt one of his affair partners but came about a year later), great income even after paying his share of kids college costs and alimony.

He was hanging out with her 30-something friends, pretending heíd never age, reliving his youth, taking exotic vacations and spending a ton of money on a fancy wedding.

But life has a way of bringing you back to reality. Within one year her mother died, her father developed dementia and needed major surgery, his father developed lung cancer and his mother was diagnosed with Parkinsonís. Ex went on to need two shoulder surgeries and one neck surgery for arthritis from years of surfing. His essential unhappiness didnít disappear when he dumped me. Heís alienated his children and now cries poor to them even though his income has been twice mine.

My life hasnít been perfect but Iím happy in my work, have the love and respect of my children, Iíve played music on stages with famous people and my joints donít hurt!

I donít wish any of these bad things on my ex or his family - Iím just saying, what looks better isnít always, and wherever they go, they take their unhappy selves with them.