Good Morning Can

Nice to see you handling the business side and enjoying D3 & MIL.

As others have said treat Hs wanting to leave as a business deal gone bad.

I do have experience with a MLCer and their generously guilty negations and deal making. I agree, strike while the iron is hot.

Getting something in writing and legalized will bring calm in the how do I afford my life, raise my daughter, and so on department. There is a large relief with the end of financial worry about what might happen or not, and once custody is settled. And by the way, I think full custody for you is highly probable. I mean he is away at sea for 7 months a year, its almost an automatic kind of thing.


Me52 XW49 S23 S22 S19 D18

Oct 8/17-BD, Moves in w/OM, Leaves Kids
Me49 W46 S20 S19 S16 D15
M26 T29
Dec 9/17-Legal Separation
Oct 3/18-W Files
Apr 6/19-Divorced

I may give up, but not today.