No. But most of my ex's that I had fond memories of I stayed in touch with. There is one guy who I dated in college, I was mad about him but he was not as much about me (or maybe just not in the right place), I moved on and he later started dating the tall blond rocket scientist (ok, molecular biologist) that he married and is still married to. I lost track of him after we both graduated and in those dark ages before the internet, I looked for him once or twice but never found him.

Ten years ago when my divorce was happening I finally found him via the internet - back teaching as a professor at our old college, still happily married. We emailed a little bit and ended up meeting at a Halloween party (nothing sketchy - he was playing at the home of an old professor of ours). It was the first time I had seen him in probably 30 years. It was quite lovely, he was still the same great guy, and when I was telling him about something going on with a guy I was currently dating he told me "You're a ray of sunshine - and you always were".

We email a couple of times a year to catch up and have lunch together every few years if he's in town. Absolutely no inappropriate behavior on either side. In this case, at least, it was a positive, a nice reminder of the way we were.