J~ My rings are off. Glasses are on. My eyes are swollen from crying. Still recovering from Tuesday evenings late night. I was drownding my sorrows. It got me through the night. Not a good idea to keep that up.

Moving forward, as mentioned above, I've been in touch with a lawyer. A little to late? Never. I havent seen any papers. Ive aleady said we can discuss things, but I'm not in a rush. He wants to hurry things along so his new life can begin. That's my feeling. Before he goes back to work. Well, he can wait. I've already said your free & it'll be offical next year. He can wait & knows why.

So what does my future look like? Being strong for D3. I feel like I've mentally checked out a bit, but will do my best. MIL says she'll help. She loves it here. I don't have my mom. Once I'm feeling better about this, I might ask my auntie to come. My moms sister. She's been though two divorces, and a few other relationships. Three kids. I have one.

So what does my future look like? A job with benifits. I know I have my plan to get back into dental. Just not sure I'm ready mentally.

Signing off. Tired eyes.

~Never Give Up~
BD Mar
Apr-Nov(H away/ wrk)
BD June
Nov H home
Dec Aow/xgf
2020 Jan H wants D
H flys to ow
March D signed..NOT filed!?
2gther 4 Covid
April 22 H back to work
Oct 22/20 D FINAL