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(It wasn't until I wrote him a letter taking ownership for my flaws and mistakes in the marriage that he began to craft his narrative of the controlling and manipulative wife. He turned my desperate insights and honest apologies into weapons, arming himself with reasons he had to leave me. Giving him that letter was probably my biggest mistake in this whole process.)

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This exact same thing with letter-writing happened to me. I'm so sorry you had to go through that, I know how painful it is to feel so vulnerable and pour out your feelings onto paper only to have them weaponized. Also my biggest mistake and regret..

Me too. I have hundreds of his e-mails spiraling into that narrative. It's like they have to build up the courage to believe it.

Don't have any regrets. The letters were part of your love. Your love will always be a victory, no matter what evil thoughts took over your H's mind....

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