And honey - I know this is super painful right now. Two things to remember:
1) Getting divorced doesn't mean reconciliation cannot happen in the future if it's truly meant to be. Right now though this is about protecting yourself and your daughter financially.

2) Your life is yours! You can make of it whatever you dream. No negativity from H to worry about. I learned to play the drums in a pop-punk cover band at 53 when my ex left and have since played vibraphone and glockenspiel as well as snare drum on tour with my best friend who is a professional singer/songwriter. Rent the movie She-Devil for a funny tale of living well as the best revenge. Make a vision board with pictures of the things you would love to have in your life and put it where you'll see it every day. It may be hard to see it now, but there are ways in which your relationship with your H has been holding you back - now's the time to step up into your life! (My ex, who thought HE was the musician in the family because he could strum a dozen Neil Young songs on the guitar that he learned in college, must be MYSTIFIED that I played a concert in Central Park last year with many famous musicians lol).