Yes, I wondered whether he was fixing up the home anticipating selling it, or just to rave you in goods shape to assuage his guilt. Do you have a sense of which it is?

Things you need to consider financially (this part is pure business, keep your emotion out of it):

1) If heís expressing guilt and generosity, strike while the iron is hot - this rarely lasts long.

2) Consult a lawyer ASAP . Knowledge is power.

3) You need to be the owner/beneficiary of a term life insurance on him that would cover the next 15 years of child support and college expenses for your daughter if he dies. Ideally he would pay the cost of this but you would make the payments - you canít trust him to keep up the payments on something so important. There are also tax benefits to being the owner of the policy rather than just the beneficiary, I believe.

4) Consider carefully where you want to live. Do you want to live in your current town as a single mom? Are there job prospects and social supports for you there? If yes, could you live with D in the small rental and rent out the house to pay your mortgage? If you only want to live there short term, donít take on the house - home prices are high right now, and another drop in the housing market could trap you there in an underwater mortgage. If you donít want to stay there, do you have family you want to live near? Family nearby that can help out would be huge for a single mom.

5) Do you have a good career to return to, or do you need to be getting an education so that you can get a good job that will sustain you and your child?