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I'm terrified, angry, jealous and sad. Today I'm picking up a prescription for Zoloft that is for D17. This was my happiest kid so I never thought she'd need meds. They want her in IC but I need more money for that. I have accepted that WAH doesn't care about the kids all I can do is be the best single parent I can be. This stinks.

I understand you want to avoid contact with your H, but you really should try to keep in touch to discuss the kids' needs. If you can't afford healthcare for the kids then it's time to reach out to H, explain the situation and ask for some additional financial help. Clearly in your state serving D papers is a very, very low priority so I don't think taking a wait-and-see attitude is a good idea if your kids are not getting the care they need. It could be many months, even a year or more, before you can settle things in court.

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Still thinking about taxes. He moved out and left me with the kids for 6 months and ONE day. I'm thinking that means they are my dependents. My state doesn't recognize separations so we are either married or we aren't. I'm going to file separately and am researching because I want to get this done before he figures out what's coming.

You really should discuss this with your L and with H afterwards. I don't think it's a good idea to try to be sneaky about claiming them as dependents and secretly filing. Get it all out in the open. My XW and I had 50-50 custody and each of us claimed one of our 3 kids every year, and the 3rd kid we switched back and forth each year. Two of them are grown now but we still switch the 3rd back and forth. Come up with a logical and fair solution with the help of your L and propose it to H.

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