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Quick update. W has deleted her social media and wants to come to see me and formally remove OM communication. She has suggested MC too. Ive asked her to organise it. Says she is scared of coming back and me not being able to get past it or telling her to leave after trying to take her back. Ive said I feel our R is moving too fast given how raw it all is shes suggested I have some space and well work it out at a more relaxed pace. Positive steps. W says she misses me/us and thinks about me all the time.

Certainly those are positive steps. What makes me leery is that you haven't witnessed the withdrawal from OM. In both of my sitches that was there. If you haven't seen that then it means that likely she hasn't ended it.

WWs like to take things underground. I've mentioned, I thought, in your thread before that the secretive nature of hidden As are one of the romantic draws to them. "I have a secret" is something that a lot of people get off on. It is what makes an illicit addictive. Many As have been ruined by the LBS finding out, or it being made public. Sometimes, the WS will make it look like things are ending, when in reality they are just going deeper undercover. WWs are notorious for wanting their cake and eating it too.

So be vigilant. Trust but verify. Make her do all the work. But until you see her go through A withdrawals, as hard as it is to see your W hurting over another guy, be very wary.

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