Backed up due to the holidays!!!! Dear courts- the "holidays" ARE NOT TWO MONTHS LONG!!!! Wow that is just madness, what torture to serve papers and then wait on pins and needles for them to (eventually) be served.

The fines went up and everyone wanted to file before the end of the year. I work in a court so it's legit. But they should be caught up by now. Might not be served yet but my papers should be in a process servers hands soon.

I would get on the phone ASAP with that L. Don't depend on text, and don't sit around waiting for her to text back. The whole reason you filed for D was to protect yourself financially, you can't just sit in limbo indefinitely. Stress that to her. Get some resolution or get a new L.

I'm not a confrontational person so.....sigh this is another thing I have to work on. Took me weeks just to get up the nerve to text her (she didn't give me her number I got it from people I work with). Yes I'm pathetic.

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