What'd you repair? My son's door broke. I do repairs now too! Love it. As simple as: Google how to fix it, pick up parts, make repair--including the relevant kid so they learn something from it.

Dishwasher didn't drain then I realized my garbage disposal wasn't working. I panicked. How the heck am I supposed to live without someone to do this crap for me???

S19 was ready to call WAH. No I can do this and S19 was intrigued. Measuring spoon stuck in the blades, pipes clogged and there was a leak. We had to take the whole thing apart. S19 still texted WAH (ugh) and they ended up going to Lowes to get new pipes. Whatever....I had this. S19 wants to learn so he was all up in this. Took a bit but its all fixed now. smile