Thanks Jac. W’s behaviour has changed - she’s chasing now, inviting me out/over and messaging a lot, says she misses me all the time and wants to come home. When Steve85 was saying you’ll know when you know, I know now she wants me back. She hasn’t yet formally ended the communication channel with OM though so I’ve said I’m not giving anything until that has been done. W says she struggles with formally ending the friendship with OM even though they “hardly talk”. I’d like to believe her intentions and I think she will remove OM but she’s putting it off. W said she left home because she wasn’t happy, not because of OM (which she would have just kept quiet) and said they were “just friends” by that point. I think she finally wants to R.

I’m holding. She still has a way to go but progress is promising. I don’t want to rush anything.