kml, DS, wooba, job - thanks for weighing in. Job - I document everything. DS - several people have recommended I speak to the police, so I'll keep that in mind.

I made an emergency appointment to see my psychologist on Friday which helped a lot. I'm finding I'm able to bounce back from these attacks more quickly now. The emotional hangover doesn't last as long.

My parents stayed over on Saturday night so they could be there when H arrived to pick up S1 on Sunday morning. I think their car in the driveway was enough of a deterrent because H was on his best behaviour. I did not speak to him.

My L informed me that H responded to the consent orders himself this morning. He does not have a legal representative. I now have his residential address on record, so that eases my mind when he takes S1 to his place. Even though him taking S1 there still goes against our parenting plan agreement, at least I know where my son is.

There's a section in the orders which asks both parties to respond to the question: Were the contributions from each of the parties as homemaker and parent the same?

After explaining that I was the stay-at-home parent for the first year while he worked full-time, my solicitor responded: The Applicant (me) made greater contributions as homemaker and parent of the child of the relationship.

H's response: DISAGREE. Applicant did not make greater contributions as homemaker. Respondent (him) wishes to add that household chores and homemaker duties were split evenly between both parties. Respondent cared equally for the child and performed a greater variety of homemaker tasks than the Applicant.

Am I correct in thinking a judge is going to read that and laugh? Surely by definition a SAHP and working parent physically cannot have equal responsibility for childcare and household duties?

My L said this will go on record as a disputed fact and will not require further negotiation, so once she amends the orders with H's comments and he signs them, it should be a straightforward path to settlement. He did not dispute the financials, which is the important part. One step closer to the end.


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