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I can't stress enough how she should not be coming home right now! She's manipulating you right now if you don't act with strength you will suffer immensely.

Trust your gut it is not real.

Why would she tell me about the ab or want to come home if she doesn’t really want to try and reconcile?

Maybe she doesn't want to live with the guilt. Maybe she needs more financial support. Maybe she misses you. Maybe she wants a future with you.

It could be many things but again her ACTIONS need to line up fully and I think it's only fair that YOU need some time to process things because she has made some really bad decisions. If she can't give you some time then how serious is she? Sounds to me like maybe more selfish than understanding. You're going to know for the rest of your life that she had an abortion due to her relations with another man while you were still married. That won't be easy.

At the very least OS2 I would recommend telling her now just isn't the best time but you appreciate her sharing and you need to process everything.

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