I told her that I was available today so let her come over.

BD#2. W had an abortion early Jan which was from the A. Caught early so fortunately a minor procedure but still very difficult to go through which she did alone. She said she was reluctant to break off contact with OM because only the 2 of them knew and she wanted the option of that support. Said she wants me to know everything so she can come back and start again. She still has OM on messaging but said now I know she will finally end all contact. Calmly made it clear how unimpressed I was with that and told her there is no chance of a R without ending all contact. None of this situation feels real TBH. She would like to move back in when Im away. Regardless of where we are I think its better to have W home. She commented how she is back to being the chaser and Im out with a social life while shes moping at home.