Look it's hard not to be bitter when he's paying me just enough money to keep me off the street while he plays big spender. He knows up until I moved I saved everything he gave me so he thinks until that is gone he shouldn't have to up his support. First of all that's not how it works. Second of all I have to pay for a D I didn't want. And lastly its not HIS money it's OUR money.

I stayed at home for 15 years raising HIS kids while he built his career from scratch. I'm the reason he's in the financial position he's in now. I'm the reason he is debt free. I have paid off HIS debt THREE times. Me. Once with my own money and two by pinching pennies with his. I baked from scratch, clipped coupons, used cloth diapers and now he wants to play lord over how much food I get. Yeah I'm pissed.

I am going to live in the ghetto (after CS ends) and I will once again save every penny he gives me. I will rebuild. All I need is an understanding judge who believes the dividends are marital money. Send happy thoughts my DB friends.

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