Thanks Steve85. Saw W tonight at the gym, did my own thing and she said she wants to meet for lunch or tomorrow night. Think Iím busy for both anyway but should I be meeting up with her for these? Some of the time and be busy the rest of the time? Or should I treat this as dating and have a busy life but schedule around my plans?

Curious about the proof concept with texting. W was always on her phone with friends and of course OM. Is there a point where itís right to ask for proof of no contact or should I rely on knowing she wants to be with me through her actions? It seems counter intuitive to not care but I absolutely understand the logic and display of confidence behind it.

I find detachment works so well in attracting attention like the dance thatís often described. I donít know whether I should be staying detached though or taking just some of the attention for meet-ups. I sometimes feel that our M (because weíre married just a short amount of time and in 30s) isnít appropriate for some of the severity of some of the DB rules which may include bad breakups, very wayward spouses, abusive, and repeat behaviour. I know that probably sounds naive because Iíve got a W who cheated but there is still a lot of love between us no matter whatís happened. And Iím confident in my ability to get her back. She was always the chaser and I got complacent (not justification for her actions but background).

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