Sorry, but GOING to OM's to break it off? Really? That can be done over phone. Text. Email. USPS. Carrier pigeon. I personally feel this is all a ploy. Do you know how long she was there? You see, I think she knew you'd see where she was and made up the "I went over there to break it off". DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING SHE SAYS!!

Of course it is easy to get around being tracked. She can go to his place and leaver her phone home.

Originally Posted by OS2
She went over to OMís tonight after the gym to formally break it off. I said I want her to have nothing further to do with him and never see him again. She has complied.

She has? How has she complied, because she said she is complying? See my all caps comment above.

OS2 you are believing her.....because you WANT to. Here is the real question, what are you still providing to her that she is afraid to lose? Money? Are you paying for her phone? Car? Other things?

OS2, this gives me all a bad feeling, that you are being played. She says:

Originally Posted by OS2
Had a long chat with W yesterday over message and she talked through a lot of marriage issues, and how terrible she feels about losing her way and how much she regrets the A. She said she hates herself for it and doesnít know why she went through with it.

But then:

Originally Posted by OS2
TShe said she has wanted to come back so much but is scared in case weíre not good for one another and we repeat how we havenít been making each other happy this last 1-2 years. She said she feels sick to not be with her H. She said sheís sad that she currently doesnít want to do anything physical and that itís not a linear process even though there are still deep feelings. I go away with work soon and there was talk of her making a decision whether to move back in while Iím away.

OS2, if she really wanted what she says, she'd do it. None of this makes sense.

Remember, when she wants to come back...YOU WILL KNOW. When she doesn't, YOU WILL BE CONFUSED.

Do you know or are you confused?

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