Thanks both. Last night we had another long messaging session when she got back from OMís. She said the OM could have been anybody and taking him out of the picture was easy and she wasnít really bothered about it. W also said she could get round being tracked if she so wanted but it was over a while ago with OM anyway (which seemed to me she didnít value the idea of having a false location to hide behind). Sheís said before she wanted companionship, to be listened to and to feel attractive and she felt she had to get that elsewhere. She said the actual problem is us and how weíve treated each other over the last year - not giving each other what we need. She said she has wanted to come back so much but is scared in case weíre not good for one another and we repeat how we havenít been making each other happy this last 1-2 years. She said she feels sick to not be with her H. I wanted to see her after the chat so went over and stayed with her at her parents (who are out of town) but there is still a mental block on anything physical. I think she has to make the emotional decision first. She said sheís sad that she currently doesnít want to do anything physical and that itís not a linear process even though there are still deep feelings. I go away with work soon and there was talk of her making a decision whether to move back in while Iím away.

Iím of course still sceptical given the past 2 months but I do believe she is trying to work through it. Iím still confident we will resolve.

Presumably I should keep DBíing, and reading through the rules right? GAL etc. And love is a waiting game right? Would like to throw a little romance in here and there but think I need to keep a healthy distance while she figures all this out.

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