Hey Scout

Echoing Ownit and Job in saying that your post speaks of wisdom beyond your years.

I'm sorry too to hear you've been unwell but glad you're better and back on the forum.

A lot of your commentary again showed the similar values and principles we share. I laughed when you commented on my thread we both have a thing for over preparation!

It seems that you've well and truly moved forward, and I appreciate you sharing with us here the thoughts and feelings you have behind that transformation.

Do you think this process has hardened your heart?

When I saw a psychic I was told 2 things that stuck with me - BD was a blessing in disguise, and, rather than XW changing to the person she is now, this is what she truly is. I think the same comments apply to your sitch too.

Can I say as well I think you went above and beyond in what you did for H and in y our efforts to repair things. I too dont think you sound bitter. It sounds just like you've stepped back and reflected on all the pros and cons of H and the M and made an evaluation that H and M had unfixable flaws that were outside of your control to mend, depsite your efforts.

Anyway, what GAL activities have you and S got planned, and have you done any recent home decoration stuff (apart from remodelling the dunny with all the time you spent there recently haha)?

Cheers, DS

Me: early 40's
XW: nearly 50
T: 15
M: 5
BD: Jan 19
S:10 SS: 22 SD: 24