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Welcome to this part of the DB world Wanted. Sadly, our numbers are growing. Promise we are lots of fun though.

I appreciate you not wanting to hurt anyone but I think it is unavoidable in this situation. You have to be honest with her and the sooner the better. Shes probably already checking out baby clothes in the local department store. If you have truly decided you dont want to have anymore kids, and it sounds like you have, than you need to let her know. After that...the ball is in her court and she can decide what her priorities are. (((HUGS)))

Agree on all fronts. That's the crappy part, haha. The thought of crushing all of her hopes and dreams really causes me great stress and anxiety. It isn't like we have been dating for years, which is a plus. More like 4 months, but she moved things along quite quickly and I went along for the ride which, now, is unfortunate. I guess my only hope is to pray that she will understand and appreciate my honesty and that I didn't take her along for a ride longer or waste any more of her time. My ultimate hope would be that she is mature and mindful enough to understand where I'm coming from, that by being honest with her wasn't an easy decision or easy for me and that we can part amicably with no hard feelings or ill will. There will be heartache, for sure, but I hope resentment doesn't become a factor in it for her.

M: 34 W:34
D:7 D:6 S:3

M: 9.5 years T: 12

OM found & BD (by me): 9/19/18
IHS begins
W informs me she's moving out: 11/28/18
W files: 12/21/18
D Final: 2/25/19