OS, which of these two guys is most attractive?

1) Wants to talk about his pain and hurt. Walks around mopey and sad. Gets passive-aggressive when he feels that he is not being respected properly, or that his W that strayed goes dark while out. Tries to control his W and know where she is and who she is with in order to feel confident himself. Sits home and monitors his W whenever she is home.

2) Is confident that he is a great catch and that his W is lucky to have him. Walks around pleased, fulfilled, and content. Doesn't waver in that walking around confident in his self-worth no matter what his W's actions are. Is not interested in a MR where he has to keep tabs and track his W. Is busy, and has a full life to the point where he doesn't just sit home mopey begging for crumbs from his W.

After you answer, then ask yourself which one you are acting more like.

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