Thank you all. W went quiet on me yesterday while she was out. Turns out she was visiting a girl friend for coffee and just feels Im checking up on her all the time but I talked to her about being open and she understands she has to be completely transparent. Shes enabled FindMyFriends on her phone and she is cutting off the friendship with OM on Wed.

She stayed over last night for the first time in over a month. I was torn between standing my ground on my requests and the progress of having her back home. We kissed before she left for work this morning, I initiated and she responded.

I feel entirely trapped in the middle of my feelings for her, excitement at having the woman I love back in the house again and the betrayal and feelings of sadness that I keep reminding myself of. Still feel very bruised.

My question is - how should I be acting? Naturally I want to be honest and explain Im hurt etc. but since the A happened a while ago now she has had all Christmas to come to terms with it while its still fresh to me. I want to be attractive for her while she tries again though. Should I be trying to be GAL, attractive, fun etc even though Im still hurting and she knows why? It will take me a while to fully forgive her.

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