Thanks job/Jac12

Been quite an eventful day and Iíve probably not handled everything that well. I got about 2 hours sleep max last night and went to the gym this morning as part of my GAL (on 0 food because I couldnít eat anything). We got everything out in the open last night but tonight she came round and I set out what would need to happen going forward. She talked about OM in much more depth this time including things he has done which she liked almost as if to transfer those approaches onto me it felt like. She said she has read up on advice online and agreed that she will cut off all communication full stop with him. She says they are just friends currently but will still cut him completely. W said OM is just another man but Iím special to her.

Jac - Iíve got a list of things I want for me, her and us both. We went through the list and they all were agreed upon. Lots to work on and I feel I need to remain detached until concrete progress is made re OM but heading in the right direction. I need closure with that now. I feel like I mentally processed some of the PA due to me suspecting it but it is still tough to get your head around. Big breach of trust and hurtful. Will take time to get over, and she has her work cut out.