GAL was going well, reconnecting with W and was seeming to make real progress. She said she wants to move in soon and get things back on track.

A few of Ws actions recently made me curious again of the OM and led me to look at her messages which confirmed my worst suspicions of OM and an A. W came over straight away and we talked through everything calmly and openly. W says mainly EA but also physical. W says physical finished over a month ago but is still friends with OM which I think I believe. Ive been processing the concept of that for over a month but seeing it in black and white is so awful.

Completely lost and empty. No idea what to do. Still love her and she wants to work through it all but I feel so broken right now. She said tonight she hasnt been able to reconnect due to the guilt from November and it just felt wrong to come back when she has betrayed me and our marriage.

What next?

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