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Thanks for the validation and constant support, DS. I feel stronger now. I'm a little worried about retaliation through the settlement, but will deal with that as it comes. He tested me this afternoon by dropping S1 off 30 minutes late. I didn't acknowledge it.

Right back at you Scout. Whilst I can't profess to the breadth and depth of knowledge of the vets who are along for the ride with you, I'll keep doing what I can to help you out.

If there's any retaliation through the settlement from H, such as delays, refusal obfuscation etc, you may want to talk to your L about the pros and cons of giving him a short timeframe to confirm and sign, failing which you indicate you'll initiate settlement proceedings.

Anyway, like others said, try not to dwell on that.


Excellent advice from DnJ, Ownit and KML that I've taken on board too - thank you folks!

Me: early 40's
XW: nearly 50
T: 15
M: 5
BD: Jan 19
S:10 SS: 22 SD: 24