Hello scout

That is some powerful truth. It is good that you expelled that poison, it can eat away if not dealt with.

The DB principles are usually a tread softly approach. The underlying focus is really your healing; saving the relationship, if it happens, is the bonus part.

One tries to get to a place where they act on beliefs and thought rather than emotion.

I like seeing that you have your feeling of power back. I found that no one can steal someone’s power; we actually gave it away, and like you just did, we take it back.

I think it’s going to take some time for the dust to settle with H.


Me52 XW49 S23 S22 S19 D18

Oct 8/17-BD, Moves in w/OM, Leaves Kids
Me49 W46 S20 S19 S16 D15
M26 T29
Dec 9/17-Legal Separation
Oct 3/18-W Files
Apr 6/19-Divorced

I may give up, but not today.