When someone dies thatís very close or family they signify their presence with white feathers. When my dad died, for months after I kept having these white feathers land in front of me or floating near me, and in odd places. I didnít know about it but told my XW and she said that it was my dad. Itís a bit out there but I have an open mind and am fascinated with these things.

Yes makes perfect sense. Sorry I was maybe a little unclear. I was confused a little at H having these types of friends as he is seemingly so different. Hopefully his friends influence him to be responsible and honourable. That will be the proof of whether or not they live by a code or just talk about it.

Me: early 40's
XW: nearly 50
T: 15
M: 5
BD: Jan 19
S:10 SS: 22 SD: 24