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Do you ascribe to the white feather theory?

Iím not sure what that is, other than a symbol of cowardice? Iíll google it.

Be very wary what you say to hís friends. Iím a little confused by the dynamic there. They sound like honourable men seemingly at odds with h. Is this right?

Thatís the long and short of it. The guy who drove me home says he doesnít agree with what H has done, but obviously accepts him as a friend still. Thatís okay. The others seem to have similar views, with the exception of R, who was my friend first, and has taken a hardline stance against H. Itís really not my preference to spend time with these guys or discuss H with them. They are his friends, not mine. I went to the party because R asked me to go for his birthday, but I wouldnít hang out with those guys otherwise. The convo I had was a one-off due to a combination of circumstances and wonít happen again.

Does that make sense?


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