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Hello Can

How was midnight?

As to wanting H and nothing happened.

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We're in bed! I want my H. Nothing happened. I did not make any moves, neither did he. I was scared to.

Small steps my friend. Small steps. Youre in the same bed.

Being scared sounds about normal to me. And good for you for not pushing. Remember too much pressure and he will bolt.

Letting him control the pace is going to take some determined foresight on your part. You could gently steer him in a certain direction - in a while. For now, go with the flow and let him get used to being in the same bed as you again.

If and when he is wanting then what? Determined foresight.

Im guessing you probably have a whole bunch of questions and things youd like to discuss and get answers and commitments for. That is most likely further down the path than advances from H. Do not mix the two. Keep the love making separate from love (relationship) talking.

Is that something you can see yourself doing? Its just sex. Fun, wholesome, bonding, commitment building, etc... It seems that it would be out of order; sex before recommitment; I think it isnt in these cases.

Hs confusion is still something he is working through. With no one else in the picture, enjoying yourselves together is a good thing. This wont speed him along his path, and shouldnt hinder him.

Its a question of can you do this. Are you willing and wanting to. Just something to find your stand on, before its maybe right in front of you.

Im pulling for you girl.

Keep doing what youre doing.


Happy New Year DnJ. And thank you for your support.

The eve was a blur. We all induldged and recouped Wednesday. Nothing eventful happened. I did get a kiss & hug. Small steps indeed. I do need to be thankful for what's in front of me. My H is home, we share a bed & MIL is here to help with D3.

I'm with you on sex being separate 'fun' thing. And will wait, while being the best version of me I can be. Iove this man. When we work together we are great, including sex. I can wait. I'm not pushing anything. H continues to GAL with hobbies he enjoys. He also text to say where he is. He also has been lending a hand to neighbors which is nice. More interactions with humans & nature. Hopefully him & I will get a chance to do a couples thing. Yes, I can wait..lol..

I continue to GAL as well. Great that MIL is here so I can actually get stuff done. Tax prep time. I handle most of it. It's empowering, same with running our household. I can & I do.

New gutters for house go in tomorrow. Apparently there's talk of painting the outside. Actions over words...lol..That can wait, but I'm not opposed.

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