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Last post, the question will H return to the mbr (while his mom visits) was in sitch. H & I did share the bed. It's huge cal king; we both stuck to our own sides. Last time was March; the night of bd. (April- Dec he was away at work/adventures).

I went to the bedroom before him, he was in bed before me. He had wine, asked me where mine was. I got one. We hung out, scrolled the internet, shared articles of interest. I turned out my light first. He did, but was still on his phone, which I could see. Nothing interesting. I'm beyond worring about stuff like that. We're in bed! I want my H. Nothing happened. I did not make any moves, neither did he. I was scared to. I want nothing more than just me.

Looking forward to celebrating the beginning a new year.

Sending good vibes to everyone.

We Can Do This

~Never Give Up~
BD Mar
Apr-Nov(H away/ wrk)
BD June
Nov H home
Dec Aow/xgf
2020 Jan H wants D
H flys to ow
March D signed..NOT filed!?
2gther 4 Covid
April 22 H back to work
Oct 22/20 D FINAL