Really positive evening. Commented on several 180s, surprised at several GAL things Iíve got coming up. W said she wanted to see me because she thought Iíd be alone but was surprised (and pleased) Iíve got plans. Said sheís really started to miss me over the last few days and is seeing a bit more clearly. Didnít push anything, no physical either. Said she found me a bit hostile at first but said I settled down. Wanted to be busy and was getting ready so didnít show her a lot of attention when she arrived. She said her NY resolution is no more stupid mistakes. OM still a mystery but I feel more positive regardless - can tackle that in time. Will continue what Iím doing, getting on with my life. She even mentioned having children this time next year! She said she thought she should be thinking about children (and used to want them) but the last year has led to a lot of doubts but sheís feeling more positive about it. A big factor I think in the MLC sort of thing that I hadnít thought of.

Now off out with friends. HNY all.