I guess what Iím seeing is that you would like to have things happen more organically. I donít get this chauvinistic, player vibe from you. It seems like you are not opposed to monogamy or a partnership - but maybe looking for one that develops naturally. Starting out casually with no forced expectations and then develops into a commitment - but probably not a marriage.

Is that right?

It helps to know what you are looking for but it also helps to know how the world has changed. So what exactly are you looking for? Finding someone the old fashioned way, might be more difficult now a days because of technology. People donít go out open to meeting people anymore, because we are glued to our phones and apps. So it makes it more challenging if you are. Your pool of opportunities becomes smaller and it takes a longer time.

What also makes it more challenging, is the expectation that a random female you come across is gonna be open to casual encounters - and that it can evolve into a relationship without pressure. A lot of females want the stability moving forward a relationship or future. It might not always work that way - but itís usually the goal going in. And yeah, it makes it less free spirited but thatís how a lot of women think. If they are ok with casual - that means they are also looking for something more from someone else while they are with you. I know you say thatís ok. But is it?

What exactly do you want?

M: 42
H: 43
Twins age 5
WAH in summer