We are smack in the middle of the time slot for the last final exam of this semester. All that remains is graduation tomorrow and submission of grades by noon Monday (mine are going in first thing in the morning). This has been a
sh!t show of a semester and I'm so glad it is FINALLY over. In true procrastination fashion, I got an email from a student at 10:00 last night asking what they could do to bump their 89% to an A. They said they noticed they were listed as having missed 2 days, but only remembered missing one and actually made that up by attending another of my classes so should get credit for being there. They also wanted to make up the 0 that they couldn't figure out why they had since they hadn't missed any other classes. I had to wait until this morning to respond to keep from saying something that would have likely resulted in my being forcibly removed from campus. Long story even longer, student missed 2 classes in a row then emailed me the 3rd week saying that they weren't coming to class because they were sick but they would come to another section if that was ok. The rest of the email said that they had NOT come to class the week before because their phone died and their alarm didn't go off. No mention of why they missed the first of the 3 days in a row. So, I forwarded the email along with a note that said I DID give credit for attending the different section and graded work accordingly, but that they had clearly given me an excuse for one of the absences but still didn't give me a reason for the other so the records were in fact correct that they had missed 2 classes and therefore would not be allowed to make up work from either of those classes since they didn't contact me about it until a week later. Seriously? Kid is so worried about bumping from a B to an A that they reach out to me and give me some bull about not remembering they missed. Did they think I was just going to go "oh ok, well if you don't remember, you must be right". Uh no....I take attendance every freaking time you show up and you did not show up TWO weeks in a row and then tried to feign an excuse for the 3rd week. Ugh....what the heck is wrong with people? This not wanting to take responsibility is rampant. And, to add to it this semester, with the huge deal that went on in our building, many students (fortunately none of mine) are trying to use that as an excuse as to why they should just be given a certain grade rather than the poor one they are actually earning. It is ridiculous.

In other news, meeting with preacher tonight to finalize our ceremony details. SO exciting. Going to buy a few more necessary items this weekend needed for the wedding, so that will be good. Next week, I need to work on getting some pictures printed and get a final list of everything I actually need to take to the church for the ceremony and reception. It is going to be here before we know it and I'm excited and nervous. We need to go get our marriage license next week so that will be an experience.

Life is good, if not a little over-stressed at this particular time. But, one more day this week and then next week of work, then I'm off until January 6 and there WILL be some down time factored into that somewhere. Just time for me and Sparky to chill and drink beer and watch movies and talk and do nothing but just sit together and enjoy each other's company. Come on Christmas break!

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