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As far as how to do that; I really can't help you with that one.

But rumor is that he may be able to lend you a dress and red fk me pumps.

Don, I agree you only meet who you meet, so maybe the way to do something different is to visit OLD and use a filters to include woman up to 5 or 10 years older than you and see what you find. If what your doing isn't working, then... how does that go again.

Also, someone mentioned guys having ages of interest from 20yrs younger to 2 years older, I just want to add that many woman do the same thing.. I for one will not reach out to them because it leads me to believe that they are looking for short term fun and not a commitment.. So I appreciate when they at least list what they are looking for, it helps me not waste my time. Me personally, I have 10 yrs younger and 5 yrs older as my preferred ages.

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