What I meant by Wild Girl being a fluke has nothing to do with how you felt about her. What I actually meant was someone her age who didn't seem bogged down by looking for a commitment and she seemed to kind of flit easily from you to the next guy but then back to you at cruise time. Maybe I'm wrong. I am a woman, but a straight one, so I don't date women so maybe this is typical behavior, but most women I know in her age group are either married or looking for some type of commitment where she seemed a little more footloose and fancy free, so to speak. At least that was MY interpretation of how you described her. My point was that is more atypical of women her age, but since you have labelled yourself love avoidant and don't really want anything serious, it was the perfect situation for you. By your own admission, if she had been clingy and chased you, you would've quickly lost interest. Nothing wrong with any of that...just seems that is not the typical woman in that age group. That is all I meant by fluke.

As far as "branching out" again maybe this is a semantics thing or maybe it is just my interpretation of what I'm reading, but you seem pretty steadfast against even considering dating older women, saying things like you don't want to force yourself to be attracted to someone. By saying "branch out" I was just meaning to maybe open your mind a bit. I get that you don't automatically shut it off if you hear someone is older than you might think just by seeing them, but in a way, it kind of sounds like you do. Like I said, it is likely semantics and my misinterpretation. I'm just saying keep an open mind. You, probably more than a lot on this board, have the opportunity to meet a high volume of women in all different age ranges and income levels and looking or not looking for specific things. Some might say you are in the catbird seat because you have your pick. Maybe you aren't really conscious of age at all IRL and it is just in your writings here where you can be more open that it comes out that you prefer younger. Not really sure. Again, the short answer that I just made really long is in saying "branch out" I really just meant to keep your eyes and your mind open and you might, at some point, find a 60 year old that knocks your socks off. I mean, look at Sam Elliott...he's like 125, but is totally the sexiest man in the whole entire solar system. wink

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